DG Sets

Freedom Series (12.5KVA to 45KVA)


  • Foot print best in the industry-compact in size
  • Fuel efficient sets on par or better with leading brands in the industry
  • Detachable fuel tank - Ease for fuel filling Microprocessor based Bliss Ear Monitor with protection for both Engine and Alternator
  • Efficient switching cum protection by devices like MCB/MCCB
  • Hydraulic tappet adjustment ensuring long intervals between overhauls-Economy
  • Longer Life of parts
  • Ideally located lifting provision for ease of handling and safety to the DG sets
  • Single window service


Confirmed Orders


Industry Applications

  • Defence
  • Builders
  • Industries
  • Telecom
  • Railways
  • Institutions
  • Banks
  • Petrol Bunks
  • Convocation centers
  • Retail chain
  • Hospitals
  • Marriage Halls
  • School & college
  • Govt Organisation
  • SSI